The Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Can Help You Sell Your Home

A home inspection is a valuable tool for a discerning seller. The benefits of a pre-listing home inspection range from speeding up the sales process to reducing negotiations.

1. To Reduce Surprises

When the buyer finds something in the inspection that he or she cannot overlook, it may compromise the sale of the home. Moreover, you don’t want to be surprised by a serious issue that you didn’t know existed. If a problem with the home comes to your attention only after the buyer’s inspection, you’ll be caught off guard and will have to react quickly, usually on their terms.

2. You Can Price Your Home Appropriately

When you order a pre-listing inspection before placing your home on the market, it helps you determine a more accurate value and realistic price. If you disclose a defect to buyers and set the price based on that disclosure, you can reduce negotiations after the buyer’s inspection. Alternatively, you can fix a defect instead and list your home in better condition for a higher selling price.

3. It Can Help You Identify Strengths and Areas of Improvement

A home inspection can help you identify those areas that will potentially lower the value of your home and areas that you should highlight when marketing your home. If repairs are needed before listing the home, you will be able to complete any work on your own terms and have the convenience of receiving multiple estimates.

4. To Speed Up the Sales Process

An average property transaction can take several weeks to even months from listing to closing. One of the benefits of a pre-listing inspection is that it gives you complete information about the status of the property. By fixing items that could hinder a sale before the house goes on the market, you can avoid hold-ups that may stall the transaction.

Living in a home for many years does not mean you know everything about it. Having a professional inspector complete a pre-listing inspection prior to listing the home for sale provides benefits that usually result in a better outcome.

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